Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Fungi and the Trees

I've been fascinated with how the forest takes care of itself ever since I listened to the RadioLab podcast: From Tree to Shining Tree.

Then I heard the same story in a TED talk: How Trees Talk to Each Other

If you have a chance, go watch and listen. The essence is that trees in a forest help each other stay healthy by "talking" to each other using an underground web of fungi! The mushrooms found "blooming" at this time of year, are the flowers and babies of this fungi network.

Right now, our tree-strewn yard is full of these palm-sized mushrooms. When I look at them, I no longer see a nuisance. Instead, I lie on the ground, take photos of them, peer up their skirts to marvel at their fibrous underbellies, and listen. If I'm quiet enough, will I hear their whispers?

I hope to share more of my mushroom photos later this week.

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