Sunday, January 8, 2017


My daughter Jodie gifted this rose-colored hat to me two or three years ago. Though I really like the softness and the ribbed design, I didn't wear it much because it didn't fit quite right. It was too wide at the brim, and not long enough to cover my ears.

So last year I checked my stash to see if I could augment it so that it would fit better. I didn't have any coordinating pinks, so I went for a bright white 4-ply and added a band around the brim. Now it fits tight against my head and keeps my ears warm in snowy weather.

Something about it still wasn't working for me. It looked out of balance. So today I grabbed that white yarn and made a nice big tassel for the top. That ties in with the brim and pulls the colors together better. NOW let's seek if I get more use from it!

It's pretty poppin'!

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