Saturday, March 11, 2017

St. Patrick's Wreath

My original title for this is
The 30 Minute Easy as Heck Over-the-Top St. Patrick's Day Wreath

But it was too long for the title bar. It's actually going to take me far longer to photograph, photo edit, write, post this blog post, and clean up all the glitter than it took to make the silly thing.

I started out with a 10 inch foam wreath form and covered it by wrapping green crepe paper streamers around it.

Then I took a couple packages of these glittery foam shamrock shapes from the Dollar Tree and pinned them to the wreath form with straight sewing pins, alternating the light and dark colored shamrocks. I pinned these in two rows.

It was OK, but I wanted it BIGGER. So I dug into my lace stash and found this six inch wide cotton eyelet lace. I pinned it in ruffles around the back of the wreath.

Then I took this 2.5 inch wide gold-with-gold-glitter-flecks ribbon and formed a bow. I tied it onto the wreath with a thinner gold ribbon.

I added a hanger on the back made of floral wire, pinned to the wreath with floral pins. Then I climbed up on the hearth to hang the wreath over the mantle.

The final size is approximately 18 inches in diameter. This really is a flamboyant wreath. It makes me laugh. It's hanging on the bricks calling out, "Hello, world!"

One nice thing about this wreath is that it will be as easy to take apart as it was to put together and all the components can be reused. It will add a splash of color to our bleak winter for a week, though. There's still ice covering a good portion of the backyard, but we're beginning to hear birdsong and see some sprouting bulbs now.

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