Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Egg Hunt Wreath

I saw an Easter wreath in a Pier One catalog that I really liked. It is airy and light, made of a grapevine wreath, Easter eggs and berries in creams, greens, and purples. But I wasn't so crazy about the $35 price tag. Because I enjoy making wreaths, I used that as an inspiration to make this wreath.

I bought a grapevine wreath for $4.00. I bought the purple, pink, and baby blue berries at the Dollar Tree. I made the bow from two wired ribbons, a sparkly purple sheer and a solid pink, from Dollar Tree. I really like the way the bow turned out.

I call this the "Egg Hunt Wreath" because, hiding in the grapevine and disguised among the berries, I hid some sparkly blue, yellow and pink Easter Eggs. When you look closely, you can find them!

[click for larger image]

Here's the living room mantle, dressed for Easter.


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