Friday, July 21, 2017

Bee Trio

I tried a little something different as decoration in our home's entryway. I added a trio of art pieces that are related to each other, but in a couple different mediums. Two are needlework pieces, and one is a photo I took.

First up? One of the finished pieces from that 2006 Cross-Stitch Calendar I've been working on. This was the first design I completed -- all the way back in 2006 (before I started this blog!) It's primarily cross-stitch. The beehive is satin stitch and there are some Smyrna crosses in the border. The bees are buttons I found in a fabric department. The frame was a bit too big for the mat, so I added the black border with construction paper.

Next, I framed Bumblebutt, a photo I took this Spring when the bees were having a heyday in my grape hyacinth patch. I purchased this gold-tone frame at Dollar Tree. I don't often print and frame my photographs, so this is a nice little treat.

Finally, this week I framed Secret Flower Bed by The Trilogy which I stitched in April of this year. This is all cross-stitch with some mini button embellishments. The linen, chart, and buttons came as a kit. I found this frame with the double mat at a thrift shop for under $3.00.

Along with the rabbit, bird, and ladybug, this garden has a couple bees in it, keeping the flowers pollinated.

I'm planning to make more themed vignettes for our home. We playfully call our guest room the love nest. There, I have a number of art pieces that are heart-themed, including stitchery, a poster, cards, art glass, and a painted pallet. But you know me. I have lots more heart-shaped crafts to add there.

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