Saturday, July 22, 2017

Pumpkin Patch

Here's another of the finished pieces from the 2006 Cross-Stitch Calendar. I stitched it up this month. This one features cross-stitch, satin stitch, and backstitch. I did change up the colors slightly from the chart, giving the pumpkin a two-toned effect along with the stitch variance. 

Like the other charts in this series, it called for an embellishment - a leaf charm. The problem was that the charm looked a lot more like an oak leaf than a pumpkin leaf. Plus, the placement seemed odd to me, like it was floating in mid air. So I filled the space where the leaf would have been placed with a few more of the green dots in the background. 

The mat on this one is one of my favorites. Simple and whimsical. Again, I found this frame at a thrift shop. If I remember correctly, it cost about $1.50 and it was brand new! It came with the original mat, glass, and photo. It was fortuitous that the color of the wood frame matches the colors of the pumpkin so well. I finished the framing with a label on the backing board.

I have one more in this series ready to frame. I promised myself that I'd complete that task before starting on another chart.

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