Sunday, March 18, 2018


This bouquet of flowers is giving me a lot of aromatic, photographic, and artistic pleasure this week.
Here are two more reasons.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

The King of Spring - Part 3

After a month-and-a-half, another chart from my 2006 Cross-Stitch Calendar is now done. I'm one step closer to finishing one my my 18 in 2018 Goals.

He is a dandy little fellow, with his polka dot breast and golden crown. I added a heart-shaped button to the stitched heart.

The specialty stitches incorporated into this design are the yellow smyrna crosses at the corners of the border, a satin stitch for the big dots on the wings, and a half-cross that makes up the purple background. I'm crazy about the mat that came with this design and think the gold frame sets off the piece beautifully.

I think I'll take a short break from these calendar charts and work on a different piece of needlework over the next month. But I am determined to finish the last few charts before the end of the year.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Throwback Thursday - 1997 (Part 1)

We're moving forward to 1997 where I finished at least 15 counted cross-stitch projects. These first five finishes were fairly small because I was working on a large project at the same time. These small finishes kept me from feeling crazy while I worked on the bigger piece.

 Easter Breadcloth

This was a sweet, fast project. Basically, it's the corner of a cloth napkin that we use to keep rolls warm for Easter dinners. Twenty years later, we still use it.

Easter Egg Welcome

We hang this six-inch embroidery hoop near the front door each year to welcome friend to our home.

Mickey Mouse

I stitched this for my daughter Jodie because she wanted me to make something special for her. When Jodie didn't need it any more, she gave it back to me. Last week, I passed it on to my granddaughter, Melody.

Butterfly Pins

I was part of a women's church group where one of the gifts each new participant received was a butterfly. I decided to design and stitch these pins for my ladies. They are stitched on a base of perforated paper. Each butterfly has a unique pattern on its wings, but all the butterflies use the same color pallet. That was to symbolize that each of us in the group is an individual, but we all have similar threads of shared life experience.


This was my second attempt at stitching on a t-shirt fabric with waste canvas. In this case, I was covering up a hole in my daughter's jumpsuit. The hole was near the neckline, so I told my daughter that this way she could always have an angel on her shoulder.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Preserving Flowers

I'm trying another craft this week. I'm using silica gel to dehydrate and preserve fresh flowers. I'll check on its progress in 4 days.

If this works, I'll have another material to incorporate into my crafts. I'm imagining using them on greeting cards.

Watch this space.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Leprechaun Wreath

This festive holiday wreath was made for only three dollars! Here's how.

I started with an approx 10 inch floral wreath

A St. Patty's Day felt bowler hat

And a roll of orange crepe paper

Wrap the wreath form in crepe paper, securing the ends with straight pins.

Cut lots of eight inch strips of crepe paper. Then cut these strips in half lengthwise.

The "beard" of the leprechaun is two layers think. For the front layer, I wrapped the crepe paper strip around the wreath, pinning it in place with a single pin. I overlapped each wrapped strip a little, just enough to hide the pin from one layer under the strip from the other layer. (Whoops! I forgot to take that picture).

Once the beard covers about 3/4 of the way around the wreath form, turn the wreath over. The next layer of beard will be attached to the back of the wreath. Fold each strip into a V shape. Pin in place with two pins, overlapping the strips slightly.

Cut the hat in half. Attach the ribbon with hot glue. Using three pins on each side, pin the hat onto the top of the wreath, making sure the back of the hat aligns with the back of the wreath so that it will lie flat against the wall when the wreath is hung.

Finally, adhere a hook to the back of the wreath so it can hang on the wall.

I think this is adorable!

Monday, March 12, 2018

First Crocus

Each year I get a warm happy feeling in my chest when I see the first crocus in bloom. That happened today.

We're having an unusually warm 55 degree Spring-like day today. With camera and macro lens in hand, I was heading outside for a walk in the woods, when I was stopped at the foot of the front porch by this little dot of purple.

I think Spring really may be here now. Perhaps we've seen the last of the snow and ice for a while.