Monday, April 24, 2017

Progress Report 2

I had a lot of time to stitch this weekend while nursing my cold. Here's my progress on Secret Flower Bed.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

The Easter Baskets

It's a week later, and here's the last Easter post. I made Easter baskets for my daughters.

The contents were put in some colorful clamshell plastic boxes ... they look a bit like take-home boxes from a restaurant. I had them on hand and they packed for mailing better than actual baskets would. Inside I packed ...

A pretty take-out box

filled with Jelly Belly jellybeans. I made the Easter grass by feeding two shades of green tissue paper through my shredder. Very inexpensive and the paper doesn't stick to everything the way cellophane Easter grass does.

The little crochet bunny head was adhered to the closed lid.

I added two pencils with Easter designs,

the crochet Big Chick which I glued to a refrigerator magnet (the color of the clip matched the color of the basket).

a chocolate bunny and some bunny ears,

and a mini basket made from a paper candy cup, purple chenille stem handle, and butterfly sticker decoration. Inside was more Easter grass, two Hershey almond kisses, a sparkly foam egg, and the crochet bunny backside.

Finally, the crochet Lil Chick,

and a weighted, stuffed Easter bunny and sprig of flowers.

Now that my daughters are grown, I have more time to make the kinds of baskets I wanted to make as they were growing up. So goes life.The gifts brought a smile to their faces. After all, who doesn't like to receive a care package in their mailbox?

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Easter Menagerie

I crocheted four little animals to include in the Easter baskets I made for my daughters.

A sweet bunny face

A bunny showing off his tail

A big plump chick with spiky "hair"

A little chick looking for his supper

All were inspired by applique patterns I saw on Pinterest


Bunny face inspired by Hectanooga1

Bunny tail inspired by Love the Blue Bird

Big Chick inspired by BAG-O-DAY CROCHET & MORE

Lil Chick inspired by a Ravelry designer
(I looked at the photo, but created this pattern myself)

Friday, April 21, 2017

Progress Report

I'm a little under the weather today with a cold coming on, so sat and stitched for several hours. I like the progress I made so far on Secret Flower Bed.

Between my Ott Light, the guidelines I added to the fabric, and my +2.5 magnifiers, the stitching is going well now. Plus, it's a good look, don't you think?

Thursday, April 20, 2017


This pink hyacinth is the only one left in our yard. So, so pretty.

Perhaps I should plant more for next Spring.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Egg Hunt Wreath

I saw an Easter wreath in a Pier One catalog that I really liked. It is airy and light, made of a grapevine wreath, Easter eggs and berries in creams, greens, and purples. But I wasn't so crazy about the $35 price tag. Because I enjoy making wreaths, I used that as an inspiration to make this wreath.

I bought a grapevine wreath for $4.00. I bought the purple, pink, and baby blue berries at the Dollar Tree. I made the bow from two wired ribbons, a sparkly purple sheer and a solid pink, from Dollar Tree. I really like the way the bow turned out.

I call this the "Egg Hunt Wreath" because, hiding in the grapevine and disguised among the berries, I hid some sparkly blue, yellow and pink Easter Eggs. When you look closely, you can find them!

[click for larger image]

Here's the living room mantle, dressed for Easter.


Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Easter Parade

I'm back from my Easter weekend in Oregon. All the folks I sent surprises to have received them. So this week I can share the various crafts I made as gifts. I'll start with the cards. This card was inspired by some wall art I found on Pinterest.

The sweet bunny card was made by using fusible web to adhere a white lace bunny to some brown cardstock, ironing it in place. I like the touch of the yellow bow around the Easter Bunny's neck.

Inside, a simple sentiment, printed from the computer. The heart? A sparkly sticker.

This time, I even put an artist signature on the back.


Inspiration:  Lace Bunny Canvas designed by DIY Candy