Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Wedding Card

I finished another project today. This is using the technique of embroidery on paper. It was one of my Projects in Long Lines.

I'm not sure when I'll use this card. I just wanted to try out the technique, so I bought a kit and the proper tools and gave it a try. This has been waiting in line for at least a year and a half ... probably longer. You can learn more about this piece on my website in Cameo's Corner.

This is a very relaxing technique. Easy to do while watching TV. I stitched the majority of this card while watching the DVD of The Secret.

Like thousands of you, I first heard about this on the Oprah show. It peaked my interest, and I kept hearing about it over and over from other sources, so I figured I might as well watch the entire DVD.

It gives me pause to ponder.

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Lizzy said...

Your Wedding Card is lovely! I have not seen this technique before. Beautiful finish. :-)