Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Day 327: ShutterDay -- Ground Score

I added this new photograph to Creative Journey in my Photography section, Treasure Walk

theme this week:
"Ground Score"

The idea is to photograph found objects that are spotted on the ground when you are minding your own business doing something else. Things you saw while walking, head down, deep in thought only to notice something and say 'Oh, cool!.'

I tend to see stuff like this all the time when I'm out on my daily walks. I pick them up and stick them in my pocket. When I get home, my treasures go in a fish bowl on a shelf in my bedroom.

This photo shows the treasures I've found over the last three years or so. Stickers, washers, beads, rings, medals, golf tees, a key ring, dice, and lots and lots of coins.

Over at ShutterDay, there are photos of a number of mushrooms and quite a few dead animals. The frog with the squished head is particularly disturbing. The fish at the side of the Salton Sea is a wonderful shot. There's one of a happy face antenna ball lying in Fall leaves. But I think my favorite is one of a graveyard. Instead of flowers, someone left a pumpkin at the graveside with a message written on its side. Poignant.

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