Sunday, May 13, 2007

WIP: Little Jack

The next charity quilt I'm contributing to has a Nursery Rhyme theme. I've chosen the "Little Jack Horner" chart (above) from Tedd Arnold's Cross-Stitch Patterns for Mother Goose's Words of Wit and Wisdom.

I'm glad I finally have an excuse to stitch something from this book. I've had it in my stash for years and really love the designs. Now I have a reason to stitch one of them.

Here's two stitching sessions worth of work.

I started this chart in the middle, and plan to stitch Jack, the pie and the chair first.

Then I'll see if I have time to stitch in more of the details. The square is due on June first, so how much of the extras get stitched will depend on how much stitching time I get in the next couple weeks.

I'd like to do the floor, the dog, the teddy. But if there is not time to stitch the wreath and stockings, I think the quilt block will still look complete without those elements.

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