Friday, June 22, 2007

WIP: Bird Song [2]

I had some time to stitch and catch up on some Tivo'd shows. Almost completed the green bird. He just needs the rest of his backstitching done.

This is a fun project to work on, now that I'm using the correct equipment.

I usually just stitch "in the hand." This piece is large enough, though, that all the extra fabric was getting in my way.

So next I tried using my floor frame. That worked a bit better, but something still wasn't right.

I finally found my 6" Q-Snaps. It's the exact right size. Each bird can be stitched in the snap without having to move the fabric around. I also brought my daylight floor lamp in to the TV room (it usually lives in my studio), and that's made a world of difference.

I'm not sure what the fabric is that I'm using. It was a piece that was given to me so was tucked away in my stash. I thought it was an evenweave. But now ... I'm thinking it's some kind of linen because, even though it does not have obvious slubs, the thickness of the fibers does vary. I was having quite a bit of trouble finding the right hole until I got my daylight floor lamp shining down on it.

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