Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Flower Garden Wreath

Project Pinterest 10

I decided to make a new wreath for the front porch. Though I prowled through Pinterest looking for ideas, I didn't really find a wreath I wanted to replicate. Instead, I was inspired by all the photos I took of the flowers in my Our Yard in Spring series. Like the previous wreath, I wanted the project to be quick and inexpensive. With a few buys from our local Dollar Tree store, and using supplies I had on hand, I made this wreath for only $3.00!

I started by using the base from the Easter wreath I made earlier this year. (A new foam base would have been another dollar).

From the dollar store, I purchased two sets of flower leis. There were three leis in each set. I first wound the leis around the foam base, holding them in place with florist pins.

I also purchased this very cute plastic child's watering can which was found in the summer toys section of the dollar store.

These silver foil shreds were left over from my 25th wedding anniversary. (These, too, are available from the dollar store).

With the help of a flat-head screwdriver, I took the two parts of the watering can apart. I threaded a needle with both ends of a foil shred. I tied a knot in the center of the shred. Then I threaded the needle through he holes of the watering can. This way two strands of the silver foil came through each hole, while the knot kept the foil from slipping out of the holes. This gives the illusion of a nice full spray of water.

Once all the holes were filled, I snapped the watering can back together. I used a floral wire to attach the watering can to the flower-covered wreath. I tilted the watering can to make it look like the foil "water" was pouring from the spout. Finally, I trimmed the foil shreds to a pleasing length.

It's a sweet addition to our front porch.

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