Saturday, September 3, 2016

The Lipstick Lady

Here's another piece from my beaded "Ladies of the Evening" collection. My daughter Jeanne gave me this beaded lipstick case. It measures about 3-1/4 inches across and is about an inch tall and an inch deep - just big enough to hold a lipstick (or a thumb drive).

Inside it's lined with pink sateen (heavier than satin and not quite as shiny). It has a mirror so you can see your lips while they're being freshened. It also has a trademark, MK Signature.

If you open it completely and look at the back, you'll see the beading is in a heart shape! That is the reason Jeanne picked this out for me. (I've drawn a line around one of the hearts to make it more apparent in this photo).

And what do we find on each end? More hearts!

Bonus: The texture feels really good in my hand.

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