Saturday, December 31, 2016

A Mom Gift

Project Pinterest 22

Every year for Christmas I try to come up with some special little somethin'-somethin' to make for my girls that is unique to their current station in life. I call them "Mom Gifts." Hopefully, these gifts will either make them laugh uproariously or make them tear up and go, "Ahhhh!"

This year, for my eldest, Jeanne, I made this stress relief kit. She has a job in home health in which she goes to the home of an elderly or disabled person and helps them out for a few hours a week. She runs into a wide variety of people and I love hearing (anonymous) stories about her clients. Most of her clients are amazing people, doing the best with what they have. A few, however, have been ill or disabled so long that life has beaten them down. Unfortunately, some of these folks take their frustration out on Jeanne. That stresses her out.

Thus, this stress relief kit. (Yes, that's bubble wrap).

This one got the uproarious laugh.

Go Mom!


I was inspired by a pin on Pinterest by The Pin Junkie, but she wasn't the original designer.
I'm unable to find the original designer.

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