Sunday, February 26, 2017

Day Four

I spent a quiet morning listening to podcasts and returning to the Strawberry Quilt Block.

Today I attached all the beads and sequins. Those petite beads gave me a bit of trouble. Even with my smallest tapestry (blunt point) needle, some of the holes in the beads were too small. I had to resort to a pointed beading needle, which did the job just fine, once I could thread the tiny eye.

You better believe I was using a magnifier today!

Next I need to figure out what kind of finishing treatment I want to give it. I have some ideas, but think I'll put this on hold for another day.

Tomorrow I hope to straighten up my Studio, put some new supplies away, and set up the next projects for St. Patrick's Day. I'll also likely embroider another quilt square or two for my granddaughter's quilt.

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