Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Day Three

I didn't get around to finishing the Strawberry Quilt Block by Valentine's Day as I had hoped (I got distracted crocheting another pussyhat for a friend of mine), but I did get to work on it a good deal today. I also moved my guidelines to center them to help with bead placement.

All the stitching is complete. Now it's time to add the embellishments - the beads and paillettes. I had to take time to dig out a size 28 tapestry needle so I can attach those teeny tiny petite seed beads.

It took a bit of finesse to work around the "off by one thread" problem. It's barely noticeable, thank goodness.

I've also decided on how I want to finish this piece. I'll make a handmade fabric frame to finish this piece like I did Just Nan's Rose Lady.

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