Saturday, February 4, 2017

Showin' Some Love

This morning I was able to do the finishing work on my stitchery. I decided to frame it.

I found a 6" brown wood frame in my stash. I used two coats of acrylic paint to change it to red. I used acid-free foam core as the base for the stitchery. I covered the foam core a light layer of quilt batting. Since I don't consider this a "heritage" piece, I didn't bother lacing the stitchery to the foam core. Instead, I pinned it with silk pins around the edges, then taped the excess fabric to the back of the foam core.

Top Row

I used glazier points to hold the stitchery to the frame. Then stapled brown package wrap to the back to act as a dust cover.

Middle Row with Button

This was a fun piece to stitch because it
[a] is small! The finished stitching is 4" by 4"
[b] only uses three colors of floss
[c] each heart has a different pattern
[d] has that center polymer clay button that adds a sweet little pop of embellishment

Bottom Row

I've set it on the fireplace mantle for the month. It was awfully nice to finish a piece of cross-stitch. I hope to do more this year.

Here are the details:

Design name: DH 5 Hearts
Designer: Hob-Nobb Designs, Inc.
Copyright: 2004
* Gentle Art Sampler Thread - Hibiscus (overdyed)
* DMC 498
* DMC 3802
Fabric: I think this is a cream colored 28 ct.Lugana stitched over two.
(I kitted this up so long ago that I'm not sure).
Embellishment: Polymer clay button came with the pattern
Cost of Chart: $3.00

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