Saturday, August 25, 2007

Day 421: Idaho Beauty

I added a new photograph to Creative Journey in my Photography section,
Sunset Over the Rathdrum Prairie

Seems like I'm spending an awful lot of time on the road between home and Silverwood these days. I am glad that Jodie has a job there, but all the driving time and waiting for her to check out each evening is starting to take a toll on me.

The other evening, I was driving north on Hwy 41 toward Rathdrum at sunset. The sun was shimmering just behind the hills. It was so darn lovely that I found a place to pull off the road near a hay field, and snapped this photo just as the top of the sun settled in for the night behind the tree-covered slopes.

Good music or an excellent audio book on the CD player, the aroma of freshly baled hay, and visions like this out the window make the driving and waiting almost worthwhile, doncha think?

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Kathryn in NZ said...

With you on the driving and waiting taking a toll. Funny, just last Saturday was admiring the views on the route to the gym club and thought "must take some shot to blog with" and here you go beat me to it, LOL. Mine won't as pretty as this as you have a real eye for composition.
Good music along the way is a must! Have to down out the 5 & 10 yr old singing the Time Warp, don't y'know.