Friday, August 31, 2007

WIP: Blue Monkey [1]

I'm finally back to stitching! Man, have I missed it!

Though I really do want to get started on my daughter's wedding sampler, I do have a charity square that is due soon. And since it's got big blocks of single colors, it ought to stitch up fairly quickly.

A little sick gal named Sunny will be receiving a quilt with her favorite theme, monkeys. I found this odd blue monkey in a booklet called Nursery Animals by Martha Schmidt. All the animals in this booklet are in fun colors. (One of these days I'll stitch the blue giraffe for myself!)

I started the Blue Monkey this afternoon, and got this much done in just a couple hours. I'm trying a new-to-me technique that Mary, our fearless leader of the Yahoo! Cross-Stitching for Charity group, uses. If she has big blocks of a single color, she counts out and stitches the outline first. Then she can sit back and just fill in big blocks of color without having to count every line.

As you can see, I outlined the main part of the body. Now I'm filling in some of the darker blue small areas. Tomorrow, while catching up on some Tivo'd shows, I can fill in the big block of blue.

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